Privacy Policy

AutoHub U.S. (https:/ aims to protect your personal data and digital privacy as best as possible. We maintain a firm policy of trust concerning your personal data (Privacy Policy). In line with ECPA 1988 (Electronic Communications Privacy Act 1988), this Privacy Policy was created to protect certain wire, oral, and electronic communications from unlawful surveillance, access, use, and dissemination. The Privacy Policy specific to this website includes your personal information collection, preservation, usage, and disclosure. You agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy by visiting our site at (Site). This Personal Security Policy refers to the information given by this Platform or by other means, and it illustrates how the US Privacy Rules under ECPA 1988 are being complied with.

Although we comply with the Privacy Policy for information given to us by individuals under the age of 18, those individuals must request permission from the parent or guardian before accessing the Site, and the parent or guardian is responsible for adequately controlling the use of the Site by the user. 

Please contact our privacy officer at if you have any questions or if you would like to hear more about our information practices, privacy policy, and terms of services.

1. Personal knowledge collection 

  • The personal information we gather includes names, e-mails, telephone addresses, and mailing addresses. We collect personal details directly from you if it is fair and realistic. This includes contact details and other material pertaining to your provision of services. It can be achieved in many ways, for example, when: 
  • You sign up or post comments or by Contact Us to obtain details. To do this, AutoHub U.S. requires minimal personal information, including your email address, name, telephone number, and feedback. 
  • You interact via email, e-newsletters, or daily mail; you connect with AutoHub US.

We can also gather personal data from third parties, such as our members or repositories of information open to the public. To deliver our services, all personal details that we or our affiliated bodies collect are legitimately required. The goals involve:

  • to boost the Site’s experience
  • Location optimization
  • To inform you of upcoming events and our blogs  
  • To provide you with the features and services available on the Web

We can contact you as soon as possible if someone other than you sends us sensitive information that we haven’t requested or detect that we will receive that data from you. This correspondence shall be rendered until it breaches a duty of faith. If we had not been able to collect this data, we would lawfully de-identify or destroy it. 

This information can recognize who you are only when you provide us with your information through our website, for example, if you provide your contact details to us. Our web server captures the following kinds of information for statistical and marketing purposes when you visit our website:

  • Your provider of Internet services, mobile carrier, or data services 
  • Your IP address 
  • The number of visiting users of the site  
  • The visit date and time  
  • Accessed websites; pages 
  • The browser type used. 
  • Links on which you click 
  • The material and pictures you choose  
  • How you got to our site

No personal information about your gender, race, political views, ideology or philosophy, membership of labor unions, or health or injury records will be obtained from you. This contains exceptions:

  • Where you expressly agree to do so, and legally relevant information is required to carry out our functions or activities.    
  • Usage or permission under US legislation or an order of the court or tribunal for the use of this information 
  • If the knowledge is required for a legal argument to be created, performed, or advocated.

Unless the information is reasonable or connected explicitly to one or more of our roles and operations, we shall not gather personal information. If you can’t collect the personal data 

2. Data usage and disclosure

We use your personal information to provide you with our optimized services, which may include the procurement of services by our business partners and for which you can reasonably expect us to use such information, including by mail, phone, or in some sort of electronics information about new technologies, goods, services and special offers. For that reason, we can at any time use any email address or other personal data you have. 

We would not reveal details to any third party other than those provided for this Privacy Policy that you directly know. We may share your confidential information with other organizations to provide you with the services we offer. We may provide you with our services. To ensure they are protected by privacy requirements pertaining to the protection of your personal information, we take appropriate action.

3. Direct marketing

For the key purpose of providing our services and for other reasons, we can use personal information about you, for which you would reasonably expect us to use the information. This involves sending updates by email, mobile, or other means of electronic communication to you about new technologies, goods, services, and special offers from our related business partners or us. You permit us to use at any time for this intent any email address or other contact information you have. 

By contacting us, you can choose to access marketing content. You consent to give you essential information, which we are obliged to lawfully send you about the services we offer even though you want to receive marketing content. You accept that removal from our mailing list can take several business days after the date of your request for removal once you wish to obtain marketing material from us.

4. Security and Usage

We will use all reasonable endeavors to keep your personal information in a safe environment; however, this protection cannot be assured. We archive the information you provide to us and the information we receive electronically on our database servers. With monetary surveillance, control, and assistance to mitigate unauthorized access and data protection, we protect our servers in a highly safeguarded dedicated server. Our Services’ ongoing provision and safety from natural hazards, intruders, and dangerous incidents were enabled by sophisticated security mechanisms, including firewalls, protective precautions, and screenings.

These protections are intended to discourage unwanted entry, destruction, or misuse of sensitive information. Please contact us if you fairly suspect that your confidential details were used or leaked unauthorized.   

Suppose, in compliance with our policy on preserving record or information, we no longer need your personal information unless required by Legal provisions or a tribunal to maintain it. In that case, we will take adequate measures to destroy or unidentified your information.

5. Your information and the third party roles

Only where we are lawfully obliged to safeguard our rights or property (or those of any third parties) or to prevent harm to anyone would it be appropriate for us to gather, preserve, use or disseminate personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy. To provide you with our services, we can exchange personal details with our business partners. 

Although the Site can directly connect to third-party websites, like publicity firms (Linked Sites), you agree that we do not run linked Sites. When visiting the linked site, we remind you always to read the related Linked Site Privacy Policy. We shall not keep the Related Sites’ content or privacy policy regarding the collection, stock, use, and dissemination of your personal information, and We are not liable.

This site uses data and services provided by YouTube (via the YouTube Services API) subject to Google’s Privacy Policy. You may control your privacy settings from the Google Security Settings page.

6. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

The server will bind a cookie to the memory of your machine when you visit the Website. A «cookie» allows us to store knowledge about using the sites of utmost interest by site visitors. Any time you register, log in, or out of our website, cookies are set. 

This can be used to include information that we believe the users of your machine may be interested in. For instance, we can use cookies to estimate the number of competitors, estimate the overall number of users, calculate traffic statistics, and better understand how our users use our services. Our cookies also allow registered users to upload a personalized version of the website, conduct transactions, and access your login information. 

You should be able to customize your machine whether you want to uninstall or allow “cookies.”

However, please notice that removing cookies limits your website access. 

After 26 months, we erase cookie information. 

Our server gathers log file information, including your web request, IP address, browser version, number of clicks, domain names, pages accessed, and other browsing information, after accessing or subscribing to the website. This knowledge is used to enhance our website and our services. 

You can also use the web and our emails ‘clear gifs,’ which track your online use trends and the emails that you open from us. Please notice that no sensitive information is obtained from you through simple gifs. 

Our site may also use our service providers’ Third Party Tracking Tools to collect and analyze user details.

7. Accuracy of your information

We do anything to ensure that your information is correct, up-to-date, full, appropriate, and not misleading. If you think any of your personal details are not reliable, current, complete, relevant, or inaccurate, please contact us at We will take every appropriate action to correct this within a reasonable period of time.

8. Access to your available information 

We shall reply to you within an appropriate time frame; if you request access to your personal data, give you the access you need in the manner that you require, as necessary and feasible. inAny exemptions granted under ECPA 1988 shall extend from there. You may request the information in writing at:

Bilal Ibrahim

Privacy Officer, AutoHub U.S

Maria Garden Flats, Block B, 7th floor, Karachi-South


or sending an email to us at

We may charge a reasonable fee for providing that information.

You may either identify yourself or use a pseudonym when you email us. This will, however, not apply if we cannot interact with you in this manner. We are necessary or permitted to interact only with persons who have identified themselves, under U.S. law (or an order of the court or tribunal).

9. Disclosure of Information Overseas

For example, to build custom audiences on Facebook, whose servers are overseas, or our service providers have servers abroad, we can pass personal details to international law people to fulfill our business goals. 

You agree to this transfer by providing your details.

10. Your consent

Through accessing this Platform, you agree, in compliance with and otherwise allowed under the ECPA 1988, to process, preserve, use, and communicate personal information.

11. Review and acceptance for change

The provisions of this Privacy Policy shall be subject to modification at any time. You should periodically monitor this Privacy Policy to see what changes to the Privacy Policy we did. By using the Platform after those modifications, you would be found to have consented to such variants.

12. Complaints

Please contact us at if you want to complain or reveal any sensitive details that we receive, use or disclose or feel that we have not implemented this Privacy Policy.

Please provide as much detail as possible about your complaint when you contact us, particularly the personal assistant. 

We will take any concerns about data security seriously and review all complaints by the right person and prompt and effective responses to the problem. We ask you to cooperate with us and give us any useful details we need during this process. 

You may want to contact the Office of the US Information Commissioner if you’re not happy with the results of the complete review of your complaint.

13. Contact us

AutoHub U.S. is committed to giving our clients always an outstanding quality of support. Please email us at or call us at +923422400940 if you have any concerns or think that this privacy policy might have been broken, and we will try to reply in 5 working days.

14. European Residents

The web pages and blog articles of AutoHub are available to everyone regardless of the location.   AutoHub US does not control EU residence behavior; however, it uses monitoring technology in section 6 above. AutoHub is not accountable for the operation of advertisers and other related pages. The user is responsible for reminding himself of the Related Site’s policies.