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Bilal Ibrahim

Automotive Engineer

I am the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at AutoHub U.S. I have always been keenly interested in Automobiles, most specifically in Cars. My passion takes me into studying ‘Automotive Engineering’ as a professional career choice. I have earned a bachelor degree from the NED University of Engineering and Technology in 2019.

In my four years of engineering, my dedication towards learning automobiles and their characteristics (such as speed, power, engine, performance, body styling, and other mechanical and vehicle dynamics) grew stronger day by day.

In my second year of engineering and with my senior colleagues, I designed and developed “Fuel-cell Powered Car” with an energy-optimized designed model for the TUBITAK competition but my team failed due to some people and bad circumstances.

Later on, I worked on numerous small-scale automotive projects, most prominent are “Autonomous Car Prototype,” “Line-following Robot,” “Weight Lifting Robot,” and “Automatic Welding Machine.” 

I previously employed at “Afzal Motors Private Limited” in 2017 and “HinoPak Motors Limited” in 2018.

My job responsibilities at Afzal Motors Private Limited include visual and practical quality inspection of Daewoo trucks and buses, including power performance, on-road inspection, paints, body, and trim-checking. I likewise deal with a wide variety of consumer-focused positions throughout his employment at Afzal Motors Pvt. Ltd., ranging from financial counsellor to auto salesperson.

My job responsibilities at HinoPak Motors Limited include Chassis and Axle components CAD designing of Hino Trucks.

Now, after a few years of experience in automotive, I have launched a web-based startup named AutoHub U.S., where I intend to give consumer insights on various US-based vehicle models to help people make a better buying decision. 

Through this web-based platform, I provide detailed car-buying advice to my readers by driving every vehicle on the market and analyzing test data and specifications.

It is hoping that my passion for cars will take this platform to new heights of success in the globally competitive market of Automotive critiques and reviews.

Our Team

Shagufta Shahjahan

Automotive Engineer

I am an Automotive Engineer and a passionate writer. I have well enough experience in blogging and technical content writing. my journey as a content writer dates back to 5 years.

Email: shagufta@autohubus.com

Sadia Shahjahan

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