Review, Prices, Specs, Configurations, and Interior of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf

2013 Volkswagen Golf

MSRP: $18,095 - $25,200










  • Materials of upscale cabin
  • The powerful, lively diesel
  • Composed handling


  • Access to the tight backseat
  • Thirsty base engine
  • Premium prices

2013 Volkswagen Golf Review 

The 2013 Volkswagen Golf has a great fuel economy with an accessible diesel engine, and reviewers have praised its elegant interior and controlled handling. The basic five-cylinder engine from Volkswagen Golf 2013 provides sufficient capacity for everyday use. The Golf TDI turbodiesel was very impressive to the reviewers, claiming it sounds peppy from a stop with its additional torque. The 2013 Golf TDI has a standard manual six-speed transmission, while an automatic six-speed (automatic manual).

The 2013 Golf Base has a 23/33 mpg city/highway estimated by EPA, which is at the bottom of the class. With either transmission, TDI models receive an impressive 30/42 mpg. Auto writers have said that Golf is smoothly handling and provides sharp steering and a comfortable ride at highway speeds. Automotive authors have accepted that the 2013 VW Golf cabin is designed and finished with quality materials. The five golf seats and test drivers were fascinated by their luxurious cabin with comfortable front seating and a spacious back seat. The golf has 46 meters of cargo space, and the rear seats are folded. 

The 2013 Golf is fitted with standard eight-speaker audio and supportive input. Apps featured Bluetooth, a premium audio system with a touch screen, satellite radio, and navigation. The Golf touch screen audio system makes music on an iPhone easy to navigate, automakers said, and the navigation system is easy to program.

More details regarding the 2013 VW Golf Configurations and Interior Features are described in the sections below. If you want to know about the 2012 Volkswagen Golf, then click our post.

2013 VW Golf Specs And Features

Engine2.5L I-5
Seating5 Passengers
Power170 @ 5700 rpm
Transmission5-speed manual
MPG23 City / 33 Hwy
DrivetrainFront-wheel Drive
2013 VW Golf Specs And Features

What’s Newly Include in 2013

  • Low fuel economy of the base model

2013 Volkswagen Golf Configurations

The different configurations of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf are the following:

1. 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L 2-Door

Price: The MSRP of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L 2-Door is $18,095.

Specs And Features: It has features of 2.5L I-5 engine, 170 @ 5,700 rpm horsepower, 5-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive type, ABS and driveline traction control, 177 @ 4,250 rpm torque, front air conditioning, climatic manual, AM/FM stereo, seek-scan radio, 15″ steel wheels, keyfob (all doors) remote keyless entry, cloth seat trim, heated mirrors and driver, and lumbar passenger support.

2. 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L 4-Door

Price: The MSRP of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L 4-Door is $19,995.

Specs And Features:  It has additional features on 2.5L 2-Door, which is a 6-speed transmission.

3. 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L TDI 2-Door

Price: The MSRP of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L TDI 2-Door is $24,495.

Specs And Features:  It has replacing features on 2.5L 4-Door. It comes with a 2.0L I-4 engine, 140 @ 4,000 rpm horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission, 17″ silver aluminum wheels, 236 @ 1,750 rpm torque, 1st row LCD monitor, SiriusXM AM/FM/Satellite, seek-scan radio, front fog/driving lights, and driver and front passenger heated-cushion, heated-seatback heated front seats.

4. 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L TDI 4-Door

Price: The MSRP of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L TDI 4-Door is $25,200.

Specs And Features: It has additional features on  2.0L TDI 2-Door.

2013 Volkswagen Golf Configuration
2013 Volkswagen Golf Configuration

2013 VW Golf Interior

The Volkswagen Golf shows an austere functionality in its interior. Brightwork is confined to touches on steering wheel spokes, air registers, door handles, and wonderful outlines on specific knobs and shifters. Give a good touch to textures. The older Golf has more soft-touch surfaces and an interior consistency generally higher than its newer cousin, the Jetta. A matching silver ish strip separates the top and bottom dash sections and panels of the door trim.

The golf feels more spacious than it looks. Passenger’s space is equal to or competitive, at least with the other major niche players, including the hatchback of Ford Focus, Mazda3, and Kia Forte. However, golf is much shorter than any of these cars in the cargo area. There are comfortable front seats.

The 8-way manageable driver’s seat fits best with the tilt and telescope steering wheel that makes almost perfect triangulation with the steering wheel, pedaling, and shifting lever for all but the tallest and most robust conductors. Air conditioning and sound controls are comfortable in shape, proportions, and features in all models. The knobs and buttons manage the key operations. Visibility from the outside is excellent, except for large C-pillars (the rearmost roof supports).

2013 Volkswagen Golf Interior
2013 Volkswagen Golf Interior

Should I Buy a Volkswagen Golf 2013?

Yes, the 2013 VW Golf is a good choice for buying because of its austere functionality in its interior, spacious cabin with comfortable seats, and fantastic fuel economy.

You may also Ask for

Is the 2013 VW Golf a good car?

The driving of cars is safe. Automotive writers have agreed to provide the 2013 VW Golf Cabin with quality equipment and outstanding fit and finish. The five Golf seats and the test drivers were impressed by their spacious cabin with comfortable front seats and spacious rear seats.

What is a 2013 VW Golf worth?

The worth of the 2013 VW Golf – $3,433-$12,125

How many miles can Golf last?

Volkswagen cars can last for around 100,000 miles if well-maintained. Usually, VW cars you purchase are ten years old longer than VW’s. Like other cars, though, this achievement can only be achieved by continuously maintaining the car.

For more information about the latest Volkswagen Golf, kindly visit the Official page.

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